When you want to go to another place with your art or with your business, there is always a lot of work that you can do for yourself, and I’m guessing that you’ve already started that. Then there are other times when you need a different perspective, an outside view, someone to bounce ideas off of or to look at what you’re doing in a different way, and that’s where I can help.

There’s a real value to getting a good start. As far as your business is concerned, it saves you money because you’re not spending it to fix mistakes. As far as you are concerned, it helps to build confidence quickly, so that you know that you’re heading in the right direction, and not wasting the most precious commodity of all, your time. So if you need a bit of a push to see you headed straight, let’s chat!

In order to get some info on how I structure the pricing for these sessions. Drop me a line here. I’d love to help you.



recent speaking engagements

 FOTO Live for Capture Magazine. Sydney Australia

REFOCUS Retreat. Melbourne, Australia

CLARITY Workshop with James Simmons. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Australia 2017, 2018, 2019

EXPSD Photography Adventures Workshop - Mouth Hotham, Australia

Michael's Photo Show Melbourne, Australia

The AIPP NIKON Event. Gold Coast, Australia

ARC//The Experience. Vancouver, Canada

YEAH Photo Field Trip. California, USA

AIPP Hair of the Dog Photo Conference. Brisbane, Australia

NZIPP InFocus. Wellington, New Zealand

Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) National Judge. Melbourne, Australia

NZIPP International Judge. Wellington, NZ

Portrait Conference online print judge. Sydney, Australia

Australasia’s top emerging Photographers Awards - Capture Magazine Judge

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI)
International Judge. Las Vegas, USA



Jodie mentor session

“I’ve watched Kelly progress into one of, I think, the worlds best wedding photographers.

Kelly’s ability to evolve; her incredible determination and focus; and her longevity in this ever changing industry with it’s many trends coming and going, are some of the things that inspires me the most.

My mentoring experience started with sharing 2 days with Kelly. She shared with me her knowledge of photography and business, and I learned a lot. A lot about how I can develop my skills further, and a lot about how I can streamline my business better. 

Kelly was an open book and nothing was off the table or inaccessible. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and her experiences, and determined to share whatever she can to help others succeed. The years of experience and the number of awards and accolades has not had an affect on her in terms of regarding herself any higher than others who aren't as established, rather she's more than happy to deliver to you whatever you need, and no question is too silly."


Sara mentor session

"I had the privilege of taking a mentoring session with Kelly while she was in Vancouver speaking at a conference.  She is super friendly and approachable and we able to talk about life as well as photography making the day casual yet still very informative.  

She gave me some great feedback on my work and tips about workflow and packaging that were super helpful.  I liked that Kelly gave me a rough guideline but left it up to me to choose what topics I wanted covered, it was great because I was able to ask her for help in specific areas. I highly recommend a mentorship session with Kelly for any level of photographer, it’s really great to gain an outside perspective as well as learn from such an inspiring and thoughtful artist."