ACT AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017

It's been another crazy big week of AIPP judging, awards and fun social activities.

Thursday night I received the ACT Wedding Photographer of the Year for the 3rd year in a row. It kinda still sounds bizarre to say that after sharing so many of these wins and losses with my good mate and crazy business partner, Dan O'Day. We've been fortunate enough to go back and forth sharing the title around 8 times now and a lot of stuff has changed...our styles, our priorities and our roles in the AIPP too.

But, from someone who lifts his game year in and year, it's quite the honour to go alongside him.

Below are my images from the submission. I was also super lucky to have received (joint) highest scoring print with the legend, Hilary Wardhaugh (CRAZY RED DRESS)

Kelly tunney