It’s taken a few weeks to find the right words and even as I write this, I still have no idea what are they going to be….

3 weeks and 3 days ago I had the most incredible night on my photographic career to date. I won a fancy title – AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year. The first Female to ever win the title in the 40+ years history of the awards. It’s still surreal and I occasionally pinch my arm on a daily basis. But….this crazy dream is real and something I am so very proud to have on my wall (or up against a wall in my studio because I have no idea where it should go).

BIG BIG thanks to my clients (especially Dan and Cait) who feature heavily in my images below. My loves who wait for me at home every weekend, Phil and Haydo. My greatest photo buddies, who are let’s face it, total nut bags but the most supportive people I know!!!

I am so very privileged to have this title and will never ever ever ever take it for granted xx

Kelly tunney