Dani + Elliot

So today is very much a new day for me, for lots of wonderful fantastic reasons. Today is a new beginning; I’m presenting myself to the world in a brand new way, with a brand new beaming yellow happy face….

This has been a loooooonnnnnng time coming. Technical issues were mind blowing. The selection of photographs and imagery was nail biting. Designs were floated and sunk. Words were chosen with great care. It was all a challenge, namely because every part of it became about ME, and you all know what a struggle that can be!

So welcome to this world that is mine, where bright yellow dominates this place where we all can meet. I really feel that at the end of this process, I now present a very different ‘Kelly Tunney’ to the one you may have been used to, and perhaps that’s the best thing about all of this. Evolution is guaranteed, the world is never still, we are all constantly moving through change, finding our way …

And whilst the body of this new site may be fixed, nothing about it is going to stay still for long. So continue with me as I share with you the couples that I meet, the photographs that I take, and the stories that we all love.

Here is a brand new blog post, the very first for my brand new website, with a brand new couple – the wonderful Dani and Elliot!!!! I’m so excited, this is like ‘new car smell’ times a million!

Kelly tunney